Virtual Monitoring

Virtualization machine monitoring has been developed to optimize your performance and infrastructure. Whether it’s on-premise, hybrid, virtualized or cloud.

Data Pandora
Data Pandora

Centralized monitoring for hybrid environments

Monitor all the details of your environments wherever they are, regardless of service provider, virtualization technology, or abstraction API. Unify all the control of your assets in one place: Pandora FMS Enterprise console. With Pandora FMS you can manage from one hundred elements to several hundred thousands, scaling progressively.

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Get information about your architecture

Given the variety of architectures, mixed or not, with dynamic containers, SaaS, public or private cloud, etc… it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain information from an infrastructure.

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Improve your architecture using measurement systems. With our agents, remote sensors or virtual infrastructure access plugins, you can get the most out of your measurements.

IaaS Integration

If you do not have access to the infrastructure servers, you can install agents on your machines or monitor them externally. Besides, you will be able to dynamically register systems in a simple way, using the provisioning mechanisms of your IaaS provider and Pandora FMS APIs.

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Virtualization Infrastructure

Pandora FMS automatically monitors ESX servers, DataStores, virtual machines and VirtualCenter of your VMware architecture. In addition, monitoring virtual environments does not affect the performance of the VMware system. Our monitoring software uses the official API to collect all information. Additionally, Pandora FMS can be used with Kubernetes virtualization, Docker Swarm, Nutanix, XEN, RHEV, HyperV and AWS/EC2 following the same principles (with access to external APIs).

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Make virtualization monitoring simple with Pandora FMS Discovery

With Pandora FMS Discovery you will be able to carry out assisted monitoring thanks to the introduction of assistants that reduce the complexity of the configuration. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to find out the current status of your virtual infrastructure in a few clicks, quickly and easily. Monitoring VMware, Oracle Database, MySQL, AWS or Nutanix has never been easier.

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We are the virtual monitoring solution chosen by

“I’ve been using Pandora FMS for some months now, it’s amazing the depth of data this tool can reach with all its simplicity, only through typical commands like ping or well-organized nmaps it has the capacity to monitor gigantic networks, without the need of an extremely powerful machine. 100% customizable, and this is just the server, if you learn to use the software agents you can even find out who is sneezing near your machines!
Leo, ComparaSoftware “


Compara Software

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“This solution has allowed our IT staff to visualize and pinpoint key security vulnerabilities in our business network workstations and servers. This has provided an opportunity for our IT Department to apply corrective measures. Network monitoring is fun again with Pandora FMS. We are a multi-OS environment and Pandora FMS fits nicely as it supports all of our Operating Systems with provided modules. Olin S., IT Central Station.”

Olin S.

IT Central Station.

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“The general feeling that Pandora FMS conveys is of power, you never have the feeling that something is missing or that some module can do something else. It is an extremely flexible and multiplatform tool that offers the possibility of monitoring a great number of systems.”

Luis Ibrahim


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e are the virtual monitoring solution chosen by

“Llevo usando Pandora FMS unos meses ya, es sorprendente la profundidad de datos que puede alcanzar la herramienta con lo simple que es, únicamente mediante comandos típicos como ping o nmaps bien organizados tiene la capacidad de monitorizar redes gigantescas, sin necesidad realmente de una máquina extremadamente potente.Todo totalmente personalizable hasta puntos casi ridículos, y esto es solo el servidor, ¡si aprendes a usar los agentes software puedes enterarte de hasta quien estornuda cerca de tus máquinas!”


Compara Software

compara software

“Esta solución ha permitido a nuestro personal de TI visualizar y localizar las posibles amenazas de seguridad en las estaciones de trabajo y servidores de nuestra red empresarial. Esto ha permitido que nuestro departamento de TI aplique las medidas preventivas. La monitorización de red vuelve a ser entretenida con Pandora FMS. Somos un entorno multi-OS y Pandora FMS se adapta perfectamente ya que es compatible con todos nuestros sistemas operativos con los módulos proporcionados.”

Olin S.,

IT Central Station

it central station

“El sentimiento general que transmite Pandora FMS es de potencia, en ningún momento uno tiene la sensación de que falta algo o que algún módulo puede hacer otra cosa. Es una herramienta sumamente flexible y multiplataforma que ofrece la posibilidad de monitorizar un gran número de sistemas.”

Luis Ibrahim,


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How can I monitor VMware in Pandora FMS?

With the VMware Monitoring Plugin, you can access and control your entire VMware architecture.

You can also monitor VMware infrastructures using the Discovery feature by simply specifying the task name, the Discovery server where you run it, and the group to which the agents generated by VMware will be associated.

You can see more information on the Pandora FMS documentation.

Are there other virtualization monitoring environments that I can monitor with Pandora FMS?

You can monitor hyperconvergence solutions such as Nutanix as well as other virtual applications such as AWS, Azure or Docker Swarm, among others.

The plugins that you will find in Pandora FMS library will allow you to control at any moment the state of your virtual environments.

Is Pandora FMS Discovery included in the license?

Yes, all Pandora FMS licenses have this feature.

You can see all the information about Pandora FMS licenses or contact our sales team to try a fully-functional 30-day trial of the Enterprise version.

Do you have official documentation and training?

You can consult all the documentation about virtual environments in Pandora FMS wiki, however, we also have training courses with which you can learn everything about monitoring with our software. You can consult all the information about the courses both online and face-to-face on our website.

Can I try VM monitoring first?

Contact our sales team for a free 30-day trial to experience first hand virtual environment monitoring.

What is virtual monitoring?

The term “virtualization” refers to the reproduction, through software, of different computer resources in order to facilitate its administration and/or reduce costs. A virtual environment, therefore, can be formed by different virtualizations applied to different areas, such as data or server management, use of desktops or network functions.

What do you need to be aware of?

When it comes to monitoring virtual environments, there will be several factors that will set the difference between effective and poor monitoring.

  • Monitoring virtual environments is complex due to the diverse nature of the elements to be monitored. Therefore, the use of software capable of monitoring a wide variety of resources will be something to keep in mind.
  • But not only that. When dealing with virtual environments the organization of the resources that we have will not be easy either. Thus, having a tool capable of assisting you in the process will be a great help.
  • Finally, don’t forget the day-to-day: the ability to unify monitoring in a single point will be essential to facilitate the work of the technicians involved in its management.

What does virtual infrastructure monitoring do?

Today, many companies and organizations use virtualization elements as an essential part of their IT infrastructure. The use of “the cloud” and the proliferation of tools, as well as the cost savings of virtualization, has led many companies to use this type of resources. As a fundamental part of the IT infrastructure, monitoring virtual environments will be essential to prevent issues or help solve them as soon as possible, when necessary.

Do you want to reduce the cost of your operations by 40% with Pandora FMS?