Issue management and monitoring

Integrate the ticketing system of your infrastructure in Pandora FMS thanks to Integria IMS.

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Data Pandora

Issue management with Integria IMS


Integria IMS is part of Pandora FMS suite, it is a powerful and easy to use helpdesk software. It is aimed at technical issue management devices.

eye icon  Create, follow and visualize the tickets in a visual way, integrated in the monitoring.

points icon  Adapt your needs with multiple personalized fields, types of issue and personalization of each element of the life cycle of the support.

email icon  Follow the entire issue flow by email.

multitenant icon  Fully multitenant to give an integrated solution to all your clients and/or work teams.

clock icon  Automate and generate actions through powerful custom workflows.

SLA icon  Control SLAs and response times for each issue and automate response actions.

quality icon  You will be able to see the degree of satisfaction of your service by means of the quality assessment system

reports icon  Easily access information, visualize trends, and quickly find weaknesses in your service with reports built into the solution.

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Other Integria IMS features

Knowledge database

You will have access to a large number of categorized articles and downloadable files in multiple languages, and with access control to manage issues.


Integration of forms

Integrate your customer forms into your own website, feeding Integria IMS directly, via API.


Inventory system

Track changes and actions in your machines, integrating this option into issue management and with Pandora FMS agents.

Native monitoring

Monitor the status of your issues and generate alerts when SLAs are not respected or problems build up.

Unify your operation


Get the most out of monitoring by integrating troubleshooting into a unified environment. Create tickets in an automatic way, integrate them in the event management and unify the credentials system so that your operators can manage the problems from Pandora FMS.

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Benefit from the synergies of a single license

If you are already an Enterprise client of Pandora FMS you will be able to extend its features through the purchase of an Integria IMS license at a very reduced price, find out about the advantages of the all-in-one integration offered by Pandora FMS.

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“Excellent powerful and easy tool
After testing the product I got a license for inventory management. After realizing potential of the the full range of features offered by Integria it has become one of the main tools of my company. Worth investment.”

Victor M.

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“Integria IMS has managed to give us a 50% cost savings regarding evolutionary developments and extras required by the system. Also it has reduced the time to register new incidents by 25%.”

Íbor Rodríguez
Grupo Amma

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“Our customers use Integria to open tickets, and we operate only using this. Its flexible and we have different SLA’s per client, with customized workflows. It also supports file distribution system, so we deploy new versions, patches and extensions using this. It helps keeping stats and tracks time very well. It’s pure HTML and fast to use.”

Felipe S.

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Do I need an additional license to manage issues with Integria IMS in Pandora FMS?

Yes, the license is independent, although if you are already a Pandora FMS client you will have a significant discount when purchasing Integria IMS.

Can I monitor these issues?

Yes, it is fully integrated into the solution so you can monitor all your anomalies and issues.

Can I try Integria IMS?

Yes, you don’t even have to request a trial. Download it now at

Is Integria an independent product of Pandora FMS?

Integria IMS is a product that is part of Pandora FMS suite, independent as license, but it shares the same technology and is fully integrated with the monitoring software, in order to unify infrastructure supervision and issue management. 

What is Issue Management?

Issue management is an area of IT service management that is responsible for recovering the normal operating levels of a service, so as to have as little impact as possible on it and on the company or organisation offering it.

What do you need to be aware of?

Issues such as speed in issue resolution or SLA compliance monitoring are key issues to look at when choosing an incident management system, also known as helpdesk software.

But there are also a number of added benefits of the association between a monitoring system and a helpdesk software such as contributing to greater agility and ease in resolving IT-related issues, as well as reducing the time to diagnose anomalies.

What does issue management bring to your company?

The correct management of issues is essential for companies and organizations because of the repercussions that these can have. Thus, ineffective management can lead to lower levels of productivity when incidents affect internally, and the loss of many customers when they are affected.

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