eHorus: remote working software

Remote working, remote control, and access to all your computers

eHorus is a remote working software that will allow you to access your office workstations from a computer at home, transparently going through your office firewall and router. You will be able to control, manage and download files, use the desktop and work with your computer as if you were in front of it.

You need to keep your staff working on remote working software icon

Do you need your employees to keep working remotely?

You need to use applications installed on your office computers icon

Do you need to use applications installed in your office computers?

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Do you need to copy or download files from your computers?

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Do you need an instant and easy-to-work-with solution?

Remote working challenges

Speed and flexibility is what companies need in the face of the current circumstances due to COVID-19 quarantine. They need to build new procedures and systems as quickly as possible:

arrow right green  Remote user support.

arrow right green  Security patch maintenance.

arrow right green  Specialized staff not being able to commute.

arrow right green  Preventive hardware and communication maintenance.

arrow right green  Not being sure about investing in those fields in the long run.

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What does eHorus allow you?

Con una única cuenta de eHorus podrá controlar un número ilimitado de equipos y compartir el acceso con otras personas.

Unlimited computers icon remote working software

Unlimited computers

With a single eHorus account, you may control an unlimited number of computers and share access with other people.

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Protect each computer with a separate password and local non-centralized passwords.

Easy to implement icon

Easy to implement

eHorus is an out-of-the-box solution, so it can start working in less than five minutes.

Technical support icon remote working software

Technical support

If you need it, you can hire a support pack to have a technician help you install it and teach you how to use it.

Economical and flexible icon

Economical and flexible

Other solutions on the market charge for concurrent connections but eHorus is based on the amount of workstations. All employees can use it simultaneously at no additional cost.

Remote control in 3 steps

That’s how simple eHorus is, we show you how to manage your devices in three quick steps.

Remote access integration with Pandora FMS

EHorus remote working software can be integrated into Pandora FMS, so you may combine computer – or client – supervision, find out status, installed software, see logs and events and access it from the same monitoring console.

Remote access integration with Pandora FMS mockup: remote working software

What is a remote working software?

A remote working software is a software that enables connection to certain remote IT devices -like computers or servers through the Internet.

How can it help you work remotely?

Remote working is one of the most increasingly used working modalities during the last few years and it is considered by many companies as the working standard for the next decades.

Remote working allows employees to carry out their daily work, meetings, client appointments or updates to computers that are located hundreds of miles away avoiding commuting and getting higher efficiency, flexibility and simplicity.

In some sectors, such as IT, medium-sized and big-sized companies, where computers are usually distributed in different work centers, having a good remote working software becomes essential.

How can you apply remote working processes?

To implement these types of processes both the computer where you work from and the computer you wish to have access to must have Internet connection. In addition, you need to install a remote working software, such as eHorus, to be able to remotely manage files and applications in your computers.

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