The universal access system for your computers.

On-Premise remote access software

eHorus is an on-Premise solution that provides remote access to your hardware. It can be used in conjunction with our monitoring solution, Pandora FMS, to remote monitor your Windows, Linux or Mac systems, on demand.

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eHorus + Pandora FMS

With eHorus, Pandora FMS’s integrated remote control solution, all your remote hardware monitored with Pandora FMS can be controlled and managed. The same level of supply and configuration automation can be achieved as with monitoring.

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A single tool to oversee all your hardware

Remote desktop

Total control from your browser, without additional installations. Even from a cell phone or tablet.


Service and processes control

Start processes, stop services. Conveniently and quickly. No need to even open the desktop. Check CPU consumption for process, memory and overall system status.

Shared access

Temporarily allow third-party access by simply sharing a URL.

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Bidirectional file download

Upload files to, or download from, remote hardware. From a browser and in the background, while you attend other tasks.

Windows Linux and Mac

Multi-platform agents, even Unix derivatives such as BSD.

Remote shell

Solve problems more quickly from a remote shell. Get direct access to a shell from a browser on Windows, Mac or Linux OSs.

Totally OnPremise

Your data will never leave your network. Maintain complete control over your eHorus servers and your security. You’ll always have control over your servers so your security stays in-house. The eHorus license works in exactly the same way as the Pandora FMS license, per device managed, and can be integrated in just a few minutes.

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Discover everything eHorus can offer you

Remote universal access

Access any PC from wherever you are. Practical, simple and immediate.


Forget about firewalls and proxies

eHorus agents communicate with our online servers and are always connected, wherever they are.

Economic and flexible

Pay a monthly flat rate, however many users there are. Always have the latest version without having to renew the license.

From any online device

Smartphone, tablet, KDE Linux, even a smart TV: any device with an Internet browser.