Saas Fast

Pandora FMS SaaS monitoring enables you to integrate our platform easily with no need for updating, and allows you to focus on the key product elements.

Data Pandora
Data Pandora

Use Pandora FMS as a service

Forget about maintenance costs, pay on the go

Focus on using the product

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Organizations from all over the world increasingly ask for a model that allows them to focus on monitoring exploiting, avoiding implementation and maintenance costs.

Why should you buy a software, install it, keep it updated, train your team and create your own integrations if you can get all of that as a service?

Over the years, our partners have proved that not only is it important to have a good software, but also to have a close team that helps add value to the technology. That’s why we joined them in offering Pandora FMS Enterprise as SaaS all over the world.

We chose three of our partners to launch the SaaS service in Asia, EMEA and South America.

Different Saas models for different requirements

Pandora anywhere

100% control

Hardware, SO and Pandora FMS.

Pandora anywhere


Custom service in data centers in your own country.

Pandora anywhere


Installation and dedicated update system.

Pandora anywhere


It has NOC 24/7/365 operating services.

Pandora anywhere

Start guide

Start dedicated consultancy.

Pandora anywhere


Hour packs for custom adjustments.

Pandora anywhere


Custom integrating projects

Pandora anywhere


Forget about initial configuration and adjustments. Use installed Pandora FMS.

Pandora anywhere


System updates are on us.

Pandora anywhere


If there's anything wrong with the hardware or communications we solve it on our own 24/7.

Pandora anywhere


Get started right away in a matter of minutes.

Pandora anywhere


Ideal for small and medium-sized environments.

Planeta Pandora

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Uniway Technologies

Present since 1999 and with 100% Spanish capital, Uniway Technologies is the reference System Integrator and Service Provider for the IT market in Spain.

Throughout all this time, they have evolved according to the business requirements of their clients, joining them at all times to cover their IT needs and gaining their trust.

South America

SITS Solutions

With more than 15 years in the IT sector, SITS Solutions is a company where knowledge, handling new technologies and the constant training of their professionals as well as the support of the most renowned manufacturers of the market vouch for the success of their solutions.

Local and international companies entrust them their IT projects thanks to their qualified experience in counseling, implementation, setting in motion, training and technical support in a wide range of products and solutions.

Asia and Pacific Ocean


Rworks is a consolidated company with headquarters at Tokio that has built their business on integral managed services on critical environments.

The engineers at Rworks develop network technologies and set efficient communication with clients, combining the available resources precisely and providing essential managed services.

Advantages of SaaS

What does this mean for your business?

SaaS monitoring provides unlimited scalability and direct instant access from anywhere and without worrying about maintaining storage, servers, backups and software updates.

To avoid despair

Desesperación sin SaaS

…take control of your infrastructure.

Tranquilidad con SaaS

Initial and maintenance cost savings

Don’t worry about hosting and large investments in hardware and support. Faster maintenance and upgrades so you have the latest in a rapidly changing technology ecosystem. Plus, there is no more need for qualified staff.

Pandora anywhere

From anywhere

You may access the application from any browser or device.

Pandora Safety


The provider ensures the latest industry standards.

Pandora Pay per Use

Payment per use

You pay for what you use thanks to the fact that the SaaS model allows you to use continuous monitoring and scale or vertically reduce resources in packs of 5 agents and depending on the level of use.