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Find out why the Enterprise version is the most comprehensive monitoring solution.

We monitor the most critical areas of your business

Pandora FMS Enterprise is a professional on-premise monitoring solution that covers all the monitoring needs of your company. This tool was designed and developed by Ártica ST and it contains a complete ecosystem that includes:

Technical support icon

Technical support

icon 24/7 support

24/7 support

icon distance training

Distance training ( e – learning )

icon Customized face-to-face training

Customized face-to-face training

icon Five levels of certification

Five levels of certification

icon Certified partners worldwide

Certified partners worldwide

icon Community version for developers

Community version for developers

 icon Access to plugin library

Access to plugin library

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Advantages of Pandora FMS Enterprise

icon High scalability
icon Monitoring in hybrid environments
icon Gather all the information you want in a single view

High scalability

100 to 250,000 devices. Pandora FMS adapts to environments with different needs, unlike other technological solutions.

Monitoring in hybrid environments

Pandora FMS makes the complicated seem simple. It can access and unify all the information, regardless of where it is hosted: virtualized underlying systems, in the cloud, or part of a third-party service. Everything is visible on a single panel.

Gather all the information you want in a single view

You will be able to obtain real time historical metrics of the applications with a single tool, and it will not be necessary to execute different software, scripts, logs, etc.

Get started on your monitoring today


We can show you how Pandora FMS Enterprise works in a customized demo. This will allow you to see at once what we can do for you, without wasting any time.

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Contact us to help you design your project. We can offer you a proof of concept (PoC) in record time.


You may prefer to judge the capabilities of the product for yourself. Request a trial version and browse through the thousands of pages of documentation that we offer in our public Wiki in three languages.

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The most competitive TCO on the market

Pandora FMS Enterprise can integrate information islands of Mainframe, SAP, IP telephony, servers, communications or applications under a single monitoring umbrella. Pandora FMS Enterprise is up to seven times more profitable than similar commercial solutions from HP, IBM or CA.

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If you want to know more about Pandora FMS Enterprise, please contact us.