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Pandora FMS is an extremely powerful and flexible tool, so evaluating it on your own is not easy, even though you may already have a measure of knowledge about other similar tools. We will gladly help you by phone or any other means to show you how to create reports, screens, and correlation alerts, as well as carrying out log collection, remote agent deployment, centralized management through policies, high availability, cluster monitoring, network system detection and auto-provisioning, SAP monitoring, etc. Please contact us to schedule your individual demo.

Try Pandora FMS Enterprise!

Try Pandora FMS console with this online demo. You will be able to create users, services, monitors, dashboards and graphs. Access with the following data:

*Note: The demo is restarted every 12h, so all stored data are deleted.

Admin login:

   User: pandora
   Password: P4ND0R4_FM5$

Read-only user log in:

   User: operator_read
   Password: pandora

The data featured in the online demo are mocking data that allow you to interact with the program to see graphs, some reports and a couple of things. To truly see the full potential of Pandora FMS, the best option is creating your very own model with your own data and solving your own problems. In just a few hours, we can help you build an operational environment with real data from your systems, where you will be able to solve real problems by yourself. We can help you build a PoC (Proof of Concept) in a matter of hours, remotely and without taking lots of your time. Contact us for more information.

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