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Network mapper tool

Pandora FMS can be a network mapper that plans your network using automated discovery using ICMP for network-level topology, or using SNMP to gather information from your SNMP-enabled devices, connecting interfaces between devices and giving you a real link-level topology.

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Pandora FMS is also a general monitoring tool, which includes among many other features, the ability to make an inventory of all the elements of your infrastructure: servers, routers, switches, printers, applications, instances of a database and even virtual machines within your infrastructure.

With Pandora FMS you will be able to discover in an automated way all those elements through the self-discovery functionality (ICMP, SNMP, port mapping…) or the import via CSV.

With Pandora FMS you will be able to discover in an automated way all those elements through the self-discovery functionality (ICMP, SNMP, port mapping…) or the import via CSV.

Network discovery

network mapper pandora fms switch core

The Recon Server was created to explore the network by using ICMP (ping) by user-defined tasks in order to find new systems which are getting identified by their IP address. This component tracks and aggregates these systems as agents in Pandora FMS. Using the “Plugin Templates”, it automatically assigns modules to the new agents detected, and in this way, a new system is catalogued and receives a set of network modules, so we could say that the monitoring is automatically deployed.

network mapper pandora fms recon server

Pandora FMS can automatically discover your network, from a central server which is internally called Recon Server, or using remote probes, that we named satellite servers. This discovery, added to the autoprovisioning system, can allow you to discover interfaces for the network mapper and to apply different monitoring profiles automatically.

With Pandora FMS you can mix the network monitoring and the server monitoring (based on software agents), sharing the same views, alerts and screens… and of course, network maps.

A network mapper that’s… Interactive!

Pandora FMS will not only allow you to detect the hosts of an organization, but you will also be able to see if they are related to each other. This network mapper can detect, monitor and accurately represent your network, regardless of the number of systems your network has.

Network mapper screenshot pandora fms

Each of these nodes can be customized, starting from the first ‘image’ that the system takes. Then, additional nodes will be added in a special zone (called holding zone) for the user to decide where they should be located. Our network mapper, of course, supports zoom and on it you can also see the connections to the different interfaces if it is a switch or a router:

Network mapper screenshot pandora fms 3

Also in the network mapper each node is customizable: we can add nodes manually and associate them to another specific element, even if it is not part of a network, for example, a server that has an IP in a hidden subnet but that we want to show. We can make multiple selections, drag, copy and incorporate exceptions so that if we delete a map element, it doesn’t show anymore, even if it is detected again.

Network mapper sc 4 pandora fms
network mapper pandora fms snmp

Much more than a network mapper

Pandora FMS is prepared to work with SNMP at all levels (v1, v2c, v3). Through the self-discovery functionality you will be able to create level 2 maps, have a powerful SNMP traps console, an online MIBS explorer, and plot any device in real time for troubleshooting. You will be able to download configurations of Cisco devices by SSH and compare if they have undergone changes. And that’s not all, since Pandora FMS remote inventory will allow you to work with any network device or Windows/Linux server.

Monitoring experts since 2004

network mapper opensource pandora fms

We started as a small opensource server monitoring tool in 2004, and since 2005 we have been incorporating ideas and contributions from users around the world, including dozens of ideas and needs related to the network mapper.

network mapper pandora fms world

After all this time, organizations and experts from different countries have shared their experience with Pandora FMS monitoring. We can proudly say that we are a software that has been transformed thanks to the ideas of its users.

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We are a commercial monitoring solution but with an open mind and of course, our code remains free (GPL2). Our Enterprise version is offered with annual payment license, technical support with a 24/7 option, online and face-to-face training.

Pandora FMS: the ideal solution for companies


High scalability

100 to 250,000 devices. Pandora FMS adapts to environments with different needs, unlike other technological solutions.

Monitoring in hybrid environments

Pandora FMS makes the complicated seem simple. It can access and unify all the information, regardless of where it is hosted: virtualized underlying systems, in the cloud, or part of a third-party service. Everything is visible on a single panel.

Gather all the information you want in a single view

You will be able to obtain real time historical metrics of the applications with a single tool, and it will not be necessary to execute different software, scripts, logs, etc.

The most competitive TCO on the market

Pandora FMS Enterprise can integrate information islands of Mainframe, SAP, IP telephony, servers, communications or applications under a single monitoring umbrella. Pandora FMS Enterprise is up to seven times more profitable than similar commercial solutions from HP, IBM or CA.

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Pandora FMS Module Library

Our module library contains over 300 downloadable plugins, including Open and Enterprise plugins for networks, applications, operating systems, security, inventory or system integration.

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