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MSP Monitoring

A single console for hundreds of clients and thousands of devices

Having a monitoring solution is key to centralizing, managing and monitoring your projects remotely and proactively.

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In today’s digital age, IT teams need to have KPIs oriented to business processes, making supervision essential for managing business productivity.
MSPs cover 4 important aspects when outsourcing your client IT departments:

Consulting – Software – Implementation – Support

PandoraFMS for MSP
Don’t waste time with endless software tools to offer services
With our solution you can effectively monitor, maintain and improve your clients’ IT infrastructure to solve problems quickly and competently.

Designed for MSPs

Thanks to Pandora FMS MSP solution, you can provide your clients with 24/7 monitoring, administration and hybrid infrastructure management services. You will be able to monitor both physical and cloud environments and manage it remotely.
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High scalability and multi-tenancy

Pandora FMS Command Center is a specific version for MSP monitoring, designed to work in environments that require a large volume of devices and that need to offer each client a custom interface, limiting the features of each one. Everything in a single platform, scalable over time.

Training and support for MSPs

We have a specific training plan for MSP and Command Center environments, as well as specific integration and development courses, so that your team can get the most out of our software. Our experience is at your disposal to adapt Pandora FMS and integrate it at a low level into your business processes.
Formation for MSPs


Physical servers (on premise or in the cloud)

  • Application systems and services
  • Backup status
  • HW Health
  • SW configuration (patches ..)
  • Log review

Virtual machines (on premise or in the cloud)

  • Application systems and services
  • Backup status
  • Memory and disk usage

Workstations (Windows, Linux, Android, etc)

  • CPU, Memory, disk usage
  • Antivirus status
  • SW license status and updates
  • VPN and firewall status
  • Unexpected or incorrect shutdown problems
  • Remote access to computers


  • Connectivity (knowing whether the devices are online)
  • VPN connectivity
  • Routers (applications if any, CPU and Memory uses)
  • Temperature
  • Safety events
  • Firmware

All-in-one solution

With Pandora FMS, business processes are monitored avoiding administrator fatigue due to unnecessary alerts, automatic reports are generated adapted to each client or person in charge within the client and it is possible to grow little by little by adding hundreds of clients under a single management console.

How does it benefit your customers?

Agent-based monitoring can be deployed with silent, centrally managed installers after provisioning.

Customize agents with your logo and default settings, for much easier provisioning.

Include among your services remote access to monitored computers, for command execution (interactive shell) and/or remote desktop, integrated with your on-premise systems.

Satellite servers will allow you to deploy monitoring in small remote offices, without inbound connectivity and without installing agents, for full deployment in minutes.

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“Thanks to Pandora FMS, we expanded our portfolio of monitoring design and implementation services, which goes beyond just selling a license, and although our core business is systems management services, we can offer this added value to customers who don’t need these services and that has made our business expand.”

Junichi Satoh

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“Pandora FMS has adapted to our needs perfectly; the qualities we value most are the high flexibility it provides to our networks and, of course, the real-time monitoring that helps us offer the best service to our customers.”

Bas Sanders – CEO, COM1 B.V

Frequently asked questions about this solution


Is there a minimum number of devices for the Command Center?

The minimum number of devices to access Pandora FMS Command Center is 2000. From that number on, the nodes can be managed centrally, without having to enter the different software consoles. It is at the service of our clients with a higher number of agents and servers, it works to group all the nodes.

Does the Command Center affect Pandora FMS response times?

The Command Center does not affect the response times since it works as a node manager, separate from Pandora FMS consoles operation, so it would not affect general operation.

Would the node configurations have to be changed to be able to work with the Command Center?

The Command Center is meant to scale. It is possible to go from a simple system, without the Command Center, to a system made up by several Pandora FMS nodes that manages several tens of thousands of devices, without having to carry out any type of migration that affects the service.

Is the Command Center included in the price?

The Command Center is included in Pandora FMS license from 2000 devices. If you are interested and have a minor license, please contact our sales team.

Do you offer training on the Command Center?

You can see all of our eLearning courses on our website. If you need specific training on Command Center (PMSP), check with our sales team for more information.

Can I manage hybrid infrastructures with the Command Center?

Yes, as with a conventional Pandora FMS license, you will be able to access physical devices in your data center, on-premise virtualized architectures, virtualized infrastructure in the cloud, your own applications as a cloud service, as well as third-party applications on the cloud.

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Out-of-the-box monitoring, cost-effective, scalable, that covers most infrastructure deployment options