Monitoring without limits with Pandora FMS


What is Pandora FMS?

Pandora FMS is a versatile monitoring solution capable of adapting to any IT environment: networks, servers, applications, databases, etc. It can be integrated in its most technical part as well as in the different layers of your business. With Pandora FMS you will have the possibility to obtain the information that worries you instantly and from a single tool.

The basic principles of Pandora FMS lead us to say that more than a monitoring system is a monitoring framework, an environment that allows to obtain information from very different sources and integrate them in a common framework, allowing to offer different views to several profiles.

mobile monitoring

Pandora FMS, the all-in-one monitoring tool:


Monitoring and control system of IP cameras for physical security environment

Web applications

24/7 geographically distributed monitoring of complete transactions, reports and SLAs

IT environments

Networks or applications


Supervisor of SCADA systems in industrial facilities


Monitoring of bus fleets with on-board equipment

All these cases belong to real clients that have already tested Pandora FMS flexibility. We have the trust of banks, hospitals, public administrations, universities, logistics providers…

The most competitive TCO on the market

“We evaluated different products and concluded that Pandora FMS was the best solution. It has provided great results and we have managed to reduce the costs by 40% in comparison with our previous monitoring tool.”

Yashinori Nemoto / RAKUTEN

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All sectors in one monitoring technology


Insurance and banking

We have been able to monitor insurance contracts, calculations of user experience transactions, both in user portals and in internal applications used by workers.

health monitoring


Integrators and Service Providers (MSP)

One of our main achievements has been that service providers (MSPs) can cover the monitoring of the infrastructure of all their customers from a single point.

transport monitoring
banking monitoring


Healthcare sector

Our main challenge has been to monitor a multitude of hospitals in different countries, deploying more than 600 agents with more than 20,000 monitors.

monitoring integrators


Transport and logistics monitoring

We have been able to monitor real business transactions (Office 365, EDI, AS2, FTP, etc.), integrating warehouse (WMS) and transport system (TMS), offering SLA control at all levels.

Operating our monitoring solution around the world


Companies in more than 40 countries around the world already trust Pandora FMS and have managed to save time and money by using our monitoring solution.


Yes. With Pandora FMS you can do


Network monitoring


Server and hardware monitoring


Application monitoring


Database monitoring


Transaction monitoring


Virtualization monitoring


SAP monitoring


Log monitoring and collection


Mainframe monitoring


IOT Monitoring


Monitoring for MSP


Business monitoring


Service oriented monitoring

Let us show you how monitoring can transform your organization

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Real monitoring is not a plug&play thing simply because every organization is different. Monitoring is not getting standard values of devices, it is being able to prevent problems because it is possible to measure the critical values of the infrastructure, linking different data sources such as systems, applications, networks, databases and external metrics.


Through a PoC (Proof of Concept) we can show you how what others promise, we deliver, in just a few days. Pandora FMS can do monitoring for everything.

All features are covered with a single licence, because we don’t want you to pay individually for each of the hundreds of features Pandora FMS has. Instead, we want you to use Pandora FMS to manage each and every piece of your business. We prefer you to see us as a global ally, and not just another specialized tool.

Trust Pandora FMS: we are monitoring experts

We started back in 2004, and since 2005 we opened the code to the world to incorporate ideas and contributions from users all over the world. Over the years, several organizations and experts from all over the world have incorporated Pandora FMS monitoring in their companies.

We can proudly say that we are a product that has evolved thanks to the ideas of its users. We are a commercial monitoring solution, with an open mind and our code available under Open Source license (GPL2).

monitoring system screens

Identify the root problem at once

Monitoring serves as a bridge between technology and business: with it you can easily see from a single point where the problem is, reducing your SLA times and increasing productivity exponentially.

With Pandora FMS you will be able to build customized visual maps which will give you the possibility to visualize from a single point all your infrastructure and see its current state.

Reduce service downtime

Visualize the information in an understandable way

Prioritize tasks in the face of any problem

Observe the actual location of each of your devices and their status

Pandora FMS Enterprise

Our Enterprise version is specially designed for large companies and corporations to save time and reduce costs. Pandora FMS is the perfect monitoring solution to adapt quickly to large environments, easily scalable and with excellent 8/5 or 24/7 professional support.

Do you need a monitoring tool for your business?