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Discover Pandora FMS the most flexible tool to monitor all your systems

What is Pandora FMS?

Pandora FMS is an enterprise-ready monitoring software that provides unparalleled flexibility for infrastructure and IT processes. It uniquely enables business and IT to adapt to changing needs through a flexible and rapid approach to IT and business deployment.

monitoring software business pandora fms
monitoring software pandora fms

Pandora FMS is designed to be used in any role and to every organization. Its main aim is to be flexible enough to manage and control the whole organization infrastructure, without the need to invest more time or money in another monitoring tool.

FMS is an acronym for Flexible Monitoring System. Its purpose is to be able to monitor both complex new generation tools and systems with outdated elements that have difficult access and scarce compatibility – all on one platform.

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Pandora FMS: the all-in-one monitoring software

FMS is a monitoring software that covers all your needs with just one license. You will be able to monitor all the different aspects of your organization with only one software, unlike other tools that only offer partial and timely solutions for your needs. Our licensing mode is extremely easy and it will allow you to grow at your own pace.

Stop spending your time and resources on complicated monitoring software systems that are badly integrated

The only monitoring software with a simple license


Our license is for agents, with which you can perform all types of monitoring: transactional, network, virtual machines, database or performance data applications such as Weblogic or SAP. This simple concept is what has allowed us to grow and establish long-term relationships with our customers around the world.

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Our customers endorse the capability of this monitoring software

Companies and enterprises from all over the world trust Pandora FMS and have succeeded saving money by unifying all their monitoring need in a single solution: the all-in-on monitoring software. Our clients have the guarantee of a professional support that is fast, effective and always in constant improvement.

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“We evaluated different products and concluded that Pandora FMS was the best solution. It has provided great results and we have managed to reduce the costs by 40% in comparison with our previous monitoring tool.”

Yashinori Nemoto / RAKUTEN

Pandora FMS one tool to monitor all

Pandora FMS is an OpenSource software since 2004. We have always had an open mind, and we have had a Sourceforge project since 2005. This means that the monitoring capabilities have been growing non-stop in the last decade. 

You can try our OpenSource version for free or ask us for a proof of concept of the Enterprise version, specially designed for companies to save time and money with solutions adapted to large environments and that need a professional 5/8 or 24/7 support.

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We are the ultimate monitoring software


With Pandora FMS you will be able to monitor the most critical areas of your company. We are a professional on-premise monitoring software that envelops all the monitoring demands of your business. This solution was created and developed by Ártica ST and it includes a whole ecosystem that contains:

Technical support

24/7 support

Distance training ( e - learning )

Customized face-to-face training

Five levels of certification

Certified partners worldwide

Community version for developers

Access to plugin library

Advantages of Pandora FMS Enterprise


The highest scalability


100 to 250,000 devices. Pandora FMS is able to adapt to backgrounds with different needs, unlike other monitoring software. Thanks to the integration with Elastic we have achieved a better system of storage and visualization of logs, which allows us to increment the scalability and the speed of the process of getting the data.

Monitoring in all kind of environments

Pandora FMS makes the difficult seem simple and easy. It can access and unify all the information, regardless of where it is hosted: virtualized underlying systems, in the cloud, or part of a third-party service. This monitoring software will show you everything on a single panel.

Gather all your data in one single view

With Pandora FMS you can obtain real time historical metrics of the applications with a single monitoring software, and it will not be necessary to install any more software, scripts, logs, etc.

A monitoring software

for all sectors

Insurance and banking 

We are able to monitor complex business processes, such as the contracting of insurance and the calculation of user experience transactions, both in customer portals and in internal applications used by employees.

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Integrators and Service Providers (MSP).

We have achieved that service providers (MSPs) can give coverage to the monitoring of the infrastructure of all their clients from the same point, the Metaconsole. We are also able to monitor huge national entity networks in public and private institutions.

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monitoring software banking

Healthcare sector 

We have managed to monitor a multitude of hospitals in different countries, deploying more than 600 agents with more than 20,000 monitors. New hospitals have been added along the way, without any difficulty and without the need to create complicated projects.

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Transport and logistics monitoring

We are able to monitor real business transactions (Office 365, EDI, AS2, FTP, etc.), integrating warehouse (WMS) and transport system (TMS), offering control of the SLA at all levels that can be shown to customers in real time.

Do you need a solution to monitor your business?