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Data Pandora
Data Pandora

What advantages does this solution offer you?

No investments in capital (capex) or operational (opex) expenses, you don’t need to invest in an operations center, nor in an internal team of engineers to manage monitoring.

With Pandora FMS as a Service monitoring you can speed up the time to obtain value.

Available 24/7, access it anytime, anywhere. There are no downtimes associated with monitoring.

Easy integration with business processes. It generates alerts based on specific business conditions.

Permanent security. All information is protected, monitored and complies with GDPR.

Operation services. We can operate for you, saving resources and optimizing startup times.

Custom integrations, with Pandora FMS specialist consultants at your disposal.

Deployment projects, to support specialized resources wherever you need them.

Monitoring as a Service

Business process digital transformation makes Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) an essential activity to boost productivity.

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From (agents) 50 50 100
Service boot set
User Experience
Log Monitoring Optional Optional Optional
Support 24x7 Optional
Satellite Server
Command Center Optional
Creation of reports, dashboard, etc. Managed Managed
Creation of alerts
Integrations / Plugins Managed Managed
Service map creation Managed Managed
Data backup Weekly 5 days Daily
Support time zone America/ EU America / EU America / EU with 2x7 optional
High availability (HA)
Consultative audits
E-learning x2 people x5 people Unlimited

Frequently asked questions about this solution


What agent limit does the service have? Does it have an alert or storage limit?

There is no agent limit, although the service starts from 100 agents. There is no limit on alerts or disk storage.

How long is history data stored?

45 days maximum. However, you may optionally hire a historical data retention system to store data for up to two years.

What availability does the service have? What happens if it fails on a weekend?

The service availability SLA is 99.726% in Basic service, 99.932% in Standard service and 99.954% in Advanced service. In short, we will make sure it is never down.

In which country are the servers located?

We have several locations, to comply with different legislations, such as GPDR (EU), GPA (UK), CBPR (APEC) and CPA (California).

What security does the service offer?

In addition to a guaranteed availability SLA by contract, our servers are exclusive for each client, we have 24/7 monitoring, and our own system security, and of course backup is included in the service.

How much does the service cost?

You pay a fee per month, which is calculated on the number of agents you are using that month. So if you increase the number of agents in a certain month, you will pay more that month.

However, if you decrease the number of agents, you will pay less. There are also some start-up costs for the service and also some optional packages, such as if you want our engineers to develop a custom integration or help you deploy monitoring in your internal systems.

How is it billed?

Quarterly or semi-annually, with monthly cost calculations, so you can plan growth and costs without surprises.

What does the service include?

From Pandora FMS Enterprise license to the operating system, database management, system optimization, maintenance, updates, emergency patches, integration with telegram and SMS sending, backup and recovery, preventive maintenance, environment security and any other technical task that may take up operating time. You will only have to operate with Pandora FMS.

What is the difference between the Basic, Standard and Advanced services?

With the basic service, if you want to make a report or configure an alert, you can do it directly, without worrying about installing, configuring or parameterizing anything. In the Standard and Advanced service you can ask us to do it for you and we will be happy to do so, the same applies for building remote plugins, creating reports, users, policies, graphs or any other administrative Pandora FMS task.

In the Standard and Advanced services you will have a number of hours of service each month for any request you may make, and our technical team will be at your disposal.

What are the service hours?

Full office hours (from 9 AM to 6 PM) in America and Europe. From San Francisco to Moscow.

MaaS advantages

What does this represent for your company or business?

Monitoring as a service (MaaS) provides unlimited scalability and instant access from anywhere and gets rid of worrying about maintaining storage, servers, backups, and software updates.

To avoid panicking…
Desesperación sin SaaS
…take control of your infrastructure
Tranquilidad con SaaS

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Pandora FMS IBM i partners

Pandora FMS technology partners, the key to driving innovation in the world of monitoring.

Since we started our project in 2005, customers from all over the world have relied on Pandora FMS.

Rakuten logo
capterra logo

Chris B., Capterra

"I have spent a lot of time working with the support and development department analyzing our needs for monitoring, different scripts and custom reports, and they have always been able to develop enhancements to the software to meet our requirements while bringing value to the other customers. They are flexible not only in terms of the software but also in terms of the company's roadmap."

trustpilot logo

Francisco Pardo, Trustpilot

"Pandora FMS scored the best out of the many alternatives we reviewed. It solved a lot of gaps that we didn't know how to address: from extracting inventories in real time or a 10-year history, to the user experience. Of all the monitoring software I think Pandora FMS is the one that encompasses the two main ideas that a system of this type should have: simplicity and efficiency. The work of monitoring the events of a huge network is exhausting, but also essential in the field of technology, and tools like this play a great role."

it central station logo

Alexandre P., IT Central Station

"Thanks to Pandora FMS we have been able to unify everything in a single tool, making all our work more efficient and detecting problems quickly. We can see exactly where the error is, and we also have the tools to fix it as soon as possible. With Pandora FMS we have everything under constant control and supervision."

capterra logo

Luis Ibrahim, G2 Crowd

"Its modularity provides huge flexibility allowing you to safely configure multiple servers of diverse types on different locations depending on your network requirements. Its modularity provides huge flexibility allowing you to safely configure multiple servers of diverse types on different locations depending on your network requirements. You can also deploy the solution as a standalone server and still monitor the entire infrastructure using multiple network adapters. Versatile tool if ever there was one."

An effort of all our team, users and customers that make Pandora FMS improve day by day. This is a recognition to all our trajectory and shows that Opensource is still alive and that we are one of the leading and pioneering projects in Europe.

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