IOT Monitoring

With Pandora FMS you will be able to carry out an IoT monitoring of all the tasks with

IP. Straightforward, affordable and at full speed.

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Data Pandora

Save money and time

Managing the different IoT solutions is a challenge and an opportunity for many businesses. Pandora FMS provides tools to save time in infrastructure management, without having to invest a large part of your budget in it. We can help you manage your cloud of devices, as we are experts in monitoring since 2004 and have extensive experience in IoT projects.

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IoT protocols monitoring

Specific protocols of IoT, manageable from Pandora FMS through different concentrators: ZigBee, MQTT, CoAP, DDS, NFC, AMQP, RFID, Z Wave, etc.

Old-school SCADA protocols, still used in IoT. Managed directly from Pandora FMS: SNMP, ModBus.Pandora FMS can collect directly from Modbus and SNMP, but that’s not a modern IoT approach, it’s just the old-school SCADA approach to use sensors as a source of information.

Current IoT projects require interacting with different concentrators to get information from them since most vendors offer integration capabilities to their concentrators.Every IoT project must include a collection and management technology, and that must be integrated into a global monitoring platform. That’s where the potential of Pandora FMS comes into play.

Adapted IoT Monitoring

The Internet of Things, better known as IoT, has been a real revolution in every sense; according to the consulting firm Gartner, it is estimated that by 2020 more than 24 000 million devices will be connected to the Internet. With the increasing number of devices producing and sending information, it will be necessary to monitor both the machines and the data generated. To do this, IoT monitoring with Pandora FMS offers you the best adaptability with which you can know the status of your devices, battery levels, firmware version, coverage and GPS location.

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Complex Network Topologies

We can offer you a comprehensive, fast support and IoT monitoring tailored to your needs. Avoid bad connections, changing networks, areas with no coverage for hours, low capacity and unidirectional networks.

Complex network topologies iot monitoring
Embedded monitoring systems iot

Embedded systems

We can adapt our code to the smallest system on the market, as we have extensive experience in embedded systems.

Smart cities y monitorización IoT

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icône de transport

Optimization of energy through control systems

Improving the performance of public transport and other community services

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Sustainability and environment to turn cities into greener places

Everything connected, interrelated so as to increase citizen participation

What are you waiting for to perform IoT monitoring?

Pandora FMS is in charge of supervising the technology throughout the process of an IoT project, not only the final devices but also the intermediate infrastructure: servers, hardware, networks, operating systems, communications, user experience in applications, web environments, among others. This way, it is possible to analyze its performance and operation, thus detecting anomalies that could collapse an infrastructure.

The market is very fragmented nowadays, especially due to the incompatibilities between brands, which means that it is necessary a flexible software like Pandora FMS that suits all kinds of technologies and systems to address the state of things as easily as possible.

The improvement of the interoperability of the IoT will depend on tools that can be integrated, which are extensible and highly scalable, features that are present in Pandora FMS code.

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We are the monitoring solution chosen by


“The general feeling that Pandora FMS transmits is of robustness, at no time do you have the feeling that something is missing or that some module can do something else. It is a highly flexible and multiplatform solution that offers the possibility of monitoring a wide type of systems.”

Luis Ibrahim,


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“In its latest version we can see how its ease of use and general development have been improved upon largely. It’s always been about pure flexibility and customisation, and it just keeps growing in that aspect. You’re never going to have to see information about your infrastructure that you consider you don’t need.”

Tiziana D.,


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“After trying to monitor efficiently with other solutions, I have come to the conclusion that in terms of price and practicality, Pandora FMS just has very little competition.
Basically they’re offering a better service and more customisation options than any other monitoring solution out there.”

Matt B.,


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Any question, suggestions or comments?

Does our proposal sound appealing?

What can Pandora FMS monitor?

Pandora FMS is capable of monitoring anything with an IP from networks, servers, switches, raspberrys pi, applications, programs and operating systems, among others. You will be able to collect logs and Windows events while monitoring, reusing all its infrastructure, without having to install anything else. 

Pandora FMS Enterprise also has an official library of plugins and integrations with which you will be able to monitor more than 250 applications. Pandora FMS Discovery is an assisted monitoring feature, which will give you access to the supervision of your applications remotely: VMware, Oracle Database, MySQL, Nutanix, Azure or AWS, among many others. 

Is it easy to monitor IoT with Pandora FMS?

As mentioned previously, Pandora FMS can monitor any device with an IP, this includes smartwatches, irrigation systems, thermostats, smart tv, domotics in general, etc.

It has never been so easy to connect any device to your systems and processes to keep everything under control, in a single platform.

Is there a trial version of the product?

Yes, please contact our sales team to receive a fully functional 30-day trial of Pandora FMS Enterprise. First, you will get a guided demo with which you will be able to see your main monitoring requirements, this will make it much easier for you to use the tool. Later you will receive a trial with which you will be able to monitor on-site and you will be able to start implementing all your infrastructure in Pandora FMS console. In addition, you will always have the technical help of our experts.

What kind of Pandora FMS license is right for me?

Pandora FMS Enterprise has a perpetual license and annual payment, based on the number of devices, so you can monitor an unlimited number of metrics. All licenses have 8×5 support and access to updates, patches and new versions. There are 3 main types of licenses: NMS: this is the simplest license, perfect for small environments, focused exclusively on remote monitoring. Enterprise: for both remote and local monitoring, based on software agents, it is a much more complete license than the previous one and has all the features and access to the plugins of the Enterprise library. Corporate: it includes all the features of the Enterprise version, perfect for large environments as it offers maximum horizontal scalability and the Metaconsole, the Pandora FMS console where you can visualize, synchronize and manage in a unified way thousands of devices -available from 1000 monitored devices-. Remember that we offer both online and in-person training so you can learn how to use Pandora FMS at your own pace.

What is IoT monitoring?

We understand IoT (Internet of Things) as the interconnection through Internet of all types of devices. IoT monitoring involves supervising the operation of these devices, their communications and the data they can send.

What do you need to consider?

IoT is a very complex field, in which heterogeneous technologies and a large number of different manufacturers coexist. For this reason, IoT monitoring requires special flexibility in the software to be used. This should be able to adapt to very diverse hardware and software, so that administrators or technicians can unify monitoring in a single tool.

What does IoT monitoring mean for your company?

Depending on the use you make of IoT technology, you may benefit from its monitoring in different ways. If your company uses it to carry out its own activity, monitoring will be essential when it comes to taking better advantage of it and finding shortcomings in its operation. If, on the other hand, you are involved in the management of IoT solutions, monitoring will be key when it comes to preventing incidents in the service offered to your customers or helping to solve these issues as soon as possible.

Do you want to reduce the cost of your operations by 40% with Pandora FMS?