Integrations and OEM

Obtain the information you need wherever you are, without intermediaries, and show it to your customer as you wish. Pandora FMS can integrate the needs of your client in its technology, without rigid structures or classic concepts.
Data Pandora
Data Pandora
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Console extensions allow you to quickly integrate any custom development you may need.

You can design your own panels/dashboards without developments.

It has a complete API to integrate all external business processes, from provisioning to invoicing and reporting.

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You can visualize the appearance of the final solution, which is 100% customizable through a complete rebranding.

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We started our project in open source, which means clear, well-documented standards and a rapid prototype-based work philosophy.

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Our continuous release system will allow you to integrate any changes into the stable version of the product, without having to maintain parallel versions.

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Embedded engineering

Code in embedded devices   Code in embedded devices. We can import code, compile it and make it work on any device you have.

integrations for ARM7 and Linux embedded   Several existing OEM integrations for ARM7 and Linux embedded.

customized agents in Android   Own code for customized agents in Android.

Integration with hardware sensors   Integration with hardware sensors through intermediate systems.

Highly distributed architecture design   Highly distributed architecture design: we can adapt to any topology, no matter how complex or limited it may be.

Experience in the integration of third party products in complex environments   Experience in the integration of third party products in complex environments: industry, telecommunications, land and sea transport, broadcasting, among others.

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