Application Monitoring (APM)

Pandora FMS Enterprise is a monitoring software for companies that can monitor enterprise applications at all levels.
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Data Pandora

Application performance and availability

We know that standardizing and packaging the knowledge Oracle™, or Microsoft™ Exchange Server needs is a challenge. That’s why from Pandora FMS we offer you the best support and consulting services to support you in your implementation.

Simple licensing

Through a single agent, you can decide whether to retrieve all instances of an Oracle server, or whether to distribute them among several agents. All the Enterprise plugins of our library are included in Pandora FMS license*

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*Except for SAP and z/OS.

Do you have everything an application monitoring solution needs

supervision des applications métier supervision des applications métier supervision des applications

résout les problèmes de performance des applications de surveillance des performances

Can you proactively supervise your business applications and help guarantee that your critical applications comply with end user expectations?
Can your operations and IT services team solve application performance problems before they affect their users?

carte des icônes des métriques de surveillance des applications

suivi des unifications d'icônes des applications

Can you check key metric SLAs from your applications and set service maps with what really matters to you?
Do you have a system that unifies the monitoring of your applications regardless of your operating model, in physical infrastructures, SaaS, PaaS or IaaS?

Established and rising technologies

We offer you real solutions to daily problems, by steadily improving Enterprise application plugins together with our clients.

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bases de données de surveillance des applications Databases

Classic databases: Oracle, DB2, Marklogic, Informix, SQL Server, Oracle Exadata, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and also for noSQL: mongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, RavenDB, etc.

middleware de surveillance des applications  Middleware

Jboss, Tomcat, Websphere, WebLogic, Sharepoint, BizTalk and Alfresco.

virtualisation de la surveillance des applications  Virtualization

Docker, Citrix, Vmware, Microsoft HyperV, RHEV, HPVM and KVM.

nuage de surveillance des applications  Cloud

CloudFoundry and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

serveurs de surveillance d'applications  WEB Services

Apache, NGinx and IIS.

l'activité de surveillance d'applications  Business

SAP and JD Edwards.

courriel de surveillance des applications  Email

Exchange and Zimbra.

Application performance and availability monitoring

Monitor the key KPIs from your technologies. Don’t stick to the most common ones (CPU, memory, disk or active processes) , don’t just see things from the outside. Go in depth and get useful information that helps you evaluate trends and prevent and detect problems before they arise. Each application plugin has its own metrics. So the fragmentation percentage of an Oracle database table is not the same as the number of SAP concurrent users.
surveillance d'applications de capture de sites unifiés

Unified display

With Pandora FMS you can manage a wide range of technologies: virtual infrastructure, networks, servers, user experience and complex applications that support your business. Unify displays in a single point and offer custom and integrated views to different departments. Set service maps with each key component, regardless of their type or technology.

surveillance de l'application capture de l'analyse des causes profondes

Root cause analysis

Identify performance and availability problems effectively and easily, abstract from the underlying technology that supports your business to find the root cause. Go straight to the point! Service views allow you to see the key components of your service and evaluate the impact of the problem in each element, measuring its SLA compliance over time.

capture de rapports personnalisés pour la surveillance des applications

Custom reports

Use reports to show your clients how you comply with what you agreed on or to measure the level of demand you require from your providers. You will have monthly, weekly, daily and hourly SLA reports to evaluate in full detail how your services and applications are working; in addition to technical reports of incidence, trend, prediction, and projection follow-up, TOP-N, and full cover, typography and format customization.

Why choose Pandora FMS to monitor applications ?

  Flexibility and power

Pandora FMS software agents can retrieve information from your log application, registry, CLI, DB, API. That way, by getting the data straight away from the source, you will find out your application performance to avoid incidences and know how to solve unavoidable ones.

   High scalability

Pandora FMS is very scalable and replicable. The same monitoring you apply on a specific environment can be replicated to hundreds or thousands of similar environments, so in a short time you will be able to spread monitoring to all of your environments.

  Usable and simple interface

Both Pandora FMS as well as its Metaconsole -for environments of more than 2,000 agents- are in a steady improvement process for better management and with a lower learning curve than that of other monitoring products.

  If you have any problems, count on us!

Our identity sign is closeness. Can you become local and international at the same time? Yes, we have an extensive network of local partners that will help you in your own language, in addition to our own support -not external- that will help you with any doubt you may have. Who could help you better than the software manufacturer itself?

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Our clients vouch for us

« I’ve been working with the support and development departments a lot, analyzing our monitoring needs, different scripts and custom reports, and they’ve always been capable of developing software improvements to meet our requirements while we offer added value to our clients. They are flexible not only regarding the software but also in their company’s roadmap. »

Chris B.


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« I was looking for a monitoring tool to monitor more than 50 databases (from several brands like Mysql and Oracle), and over time I found an integral solution to add the infrastructure’s each and every application (CRM, Ticketing System,…) to the same dashboard together with key performance indicators such as RAM, CPU, disk memory, bandwidth, etc. »

Javier F.


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« Once it is working, it can perform any monitoring task and host control, so that we can make sure everything is working correctly at all times. A fully fail-save tool. »

Ruben Velasco


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Which applications can Pandora FMS monitor?

Pandora FMS has an official library in which you can find integrations to different technologies on the market. Among others, you can monitor:

MySQL, JMX, Oracle VM, Oracle database, Citrix NetScaler, Citrix, DB2, HPVM, IBM HMC, Marklogic, MongoDB, Xen server, Zimbra Mail, VMware, Docker Swarm, Nutanix, SAP, SAP Hana, Active Directory, AIX, Alfresco, Apache, As400, BGP, ePolicy Orchestrator, Exchange, Exchange Outlook Anywhere, OWA Exchange, Hyper-V, IIS, Intel DCM, IPMI Sensors, IPTraf Collector, JBoss, KVM Monitor, Logging Events, Lotus Notes, Microsoft FIM (Microsoft Forefront) Identity Manager, MS Print Server, Oracle Exadata, Selenium Web Monitoring, Solaris Zones, Solaris Monitoring Manual, Sybase, Tomcat, Weblogic, z/OS and VitalFile.

How can Pandora FMS monitor different technologies?

Pandora FMS is a monitoring software that has officially supported plugins very easy to integrate into your infrastructure. Flexibility is something that characterizes us. If you have your own scripts, you can continue to use them, add your old statistics in the Pandora FMS console and make them available for graphs, alerts and reports of all kinds.

Is it easy to use this application monitoring tool?

With the Discovery feature of Pandora FMS, you can proceed to the integration of some remote technologies in a few minutes. However, the library of plugins remains the major asset of Pandora FMS for monitoring technologies that require more than just a glance. By adding the power of our agents and plugins, we are able to provide valuable information on all technologies on the market.

Can I try Pandora FMS Enterprise first?

Contact our team to get a free 30-day trial and technical advice from our application, system and network monitoring experts. We can help you evaluate the product to save you time and effort.

What types of licenses are there?

In Pandora FMS Enterprise, there are 3 types of licenses. All have 8×5 support and access to updates, patches and new versions.

  • NMS: this is the simplest license of all, it is suitable for small environments and focuses exclusively on remote monitoring.
  • Enterprise: for remote and local monitoring – based on software agents – this is a much more complete license than the previous one and has all the features and access to plugins of the enterprise library.
  • Corporate: includes all the features of the Enterprise version. Perfect for large environments, it offers maximum horizontal scalability. The Pandora FMS Metaconsole allows you to view, synchronize and manage thousands of devices.

Do you offer formal training?

Pandora FMS offers two types of training: eLearning with different technical courses (PAT, PAE, PAD, PAO, etc.) and face-to-face. Contact our sales team for more information.

Is there an official certification?

Yes, the software is designed to certify the knowledge of a technician at several levels: Operator (PAO), Administrator (PAT) or Engineer (PAE). They can be done completely remotely and are usually included in our official courses.

What is application monitoring?

An application is a computer program created to help the user develop one or more tasks. Application monitoring is the area of Information Technology responsible for controlling the operation of applications, in order to verify that they are acting correctly, checking their status and some essential operating measures to supervise their behavior throughout the process.

What should you keep in mind?

The monitoring of applications requires a particular flexibility of the monitoring tool to be used, which must be able to adapt to a considerable number of programs, so that administrators or technicians can unify all the applications within the same monitoring solution.

  • The monitoring software must be able to supervise the status of different applications, created by different manufacturers and for different uses, unifying the supervision in a single tool to facilitate the work of the administrator.
  • When monitoring applications, it will not only be important to monitor their availability, but also to determine whether they are performing as expected. Thus, factors such as response time or user experience will be very relevant.
What does application monitoring do for your business?

Nowadays, applications are essential to the proper functioning of many companies and organizations. Interruptions or loss of performance of these applications can have serious consequences, both internally and for the customer. Thus, the malfunctioning of an application can lead to a drop in productivity or the loss of customers when the latter are directly or indirectly concerned. Therefore, application monitoring will be essential to prevent incidents or help resolve them as quickly as possible, when they are unavoidable.

Do you want to reduce the cost of your operations by 40% with Pandora FMS?

Any doubts, suggestions or comments?

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