COVID-19 Notice

Corporate Announcement

Dear Pandora FMS user,

We are living in difficult times, not only for health and economy, but also for humanity as a whole. Everyone around the whole world is being threatened by a pandemic that has affected us all.

Companies around the world are changing their procedures to adapt to this new situation, and so is Pandora FMS. It has been our duty and our highest priority to prioritize the health of all employees, thus we provide all the resources to guarantee the effective remote working of each of the departments, in addition to canceling events and any planned trips.

We believe that we should all participate in solidarity in this challenge.

Of course, all of our services continue to operate at full capacity, the Support department works perfectly normally, the implementations and consultancies continue to be carried out as usual and the new features will be launched as expected.

Despite this situation, we want to convey a sense of tranquility, send all our encouragement to those who are being directly affected and our condolences to all those who have suffered a loss. We especially want to thank all the health workers, the police, the military, the fire department and the staff of supermarkets and pharmacies for all the work they are doing at the moment. Please count upon our support and collaboration.

Yours sincerely,
CEO, Sancho Lerena.