Monitor SAP®

and the rest of your applications from a single console with Pandora FMS Enterprise.

250+ integrations available

Anything. Anywhere. Let’s monitor IT

250+ integrations available: SAP, SAP HANA, AWS, Azure, Docker, Hadoop, Tomcat, Exchange, JBoss, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, VMware, Cisco, Citrix, Oracle Database, among many others.

Pandora FMS Enterprise SAP agent can monitor SAP R/3, SAP S/4, CRM, SRM, BI, XI/PI and WAS Netweaver environments, regardless of the database engine.

Experience a trouble-free and non-intrusive install

There is no need to install anything in the SAP server, and by anything, we mean nothing at all! No transfer orders, no add-ons, nor any other installation. All the development is already implemented in Pandora FMS Enterprise plugin.

Easy and automatic troubleshooting

Notice, report and custom alert sending, as well as script configuration to solve issues automatically. Now it is possible to be aware of the state of your infrastructure at all times, regardless of the number of devices, types and applications.

J.J. Sarmiento, Trustpilot

“Although the IPAM extension did already exist in Pandora FMS, this extension has been improved in its new version till the point it is considered a new one. That is precisely what I like about this software, they release monthly upgradings and obviously always for the better.

Pandora FMS has a specific preconfigured solution to monitor any of the SAP environments. It includes a series of monitors by default that saves time when doing a system checklist since they can send alerts with information about each and everyone of the events.”

Craig St George, IT Central Station

“We use this solution for monitoring our infrastructure, our clients’ infrastructure, and applications. It provides alerting and reporting about our network and infrastructure, as well as customers’ services.

It also provides our customers with management reports. The most valuable features are centralized policy management and the remote management of agents. These make maintenance a lot easier and less costly in terms of time, compared to other solutions that we have used in the past.

Chris B., Capterra

“I’ve spent a lot of time working with and discussing our needs for monitoring, functionality and reporting with support and development, we’ve always been able to add to the software functionality to meet our needs whilst keeping the functionality useful to all. Support and Development have been very keen to discuss needs.”

Do you need a solution to monitor SAP? Contact us

Do you need a solution to monitor SAP? Contact us

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pandora fms logo clientes prosegur

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Technical requirements to start SAP monitoring, what do I need?

Due to its non-intrusive satellite agent design, in SAP environments there is nothing to be installed, no program to be loaded, and absolutely nothing to be parameterized (or configured). Only one SAP logon user with the necessary authorization for remote RFC executions will be required.

Apart from SAP, what else can I monitor?

SAP monitoring is not exclusive of Pandora FMS’s other functions, that is, it can combine server, database, storage cabinet and network monitoring and prepare joint reports.

Is there a minimum of devices to monitor?

The license for SAP monitoring is counted based on SID, and the license covers a minimum of 2 Production SID and 2 Integration / development SID.

How much does SAP monitoring cost?

The SAP monitoring license has an additional cost to Pandora FMS Enterprise license. SAP Hana monitoring is included in Pandora FMS Enterprise license without additional cost.

What requirements must the SAP user meet?

There must be an access login user for each SAP server to be monitored. This user must be “B-System” (System) type in SAP ECC versions, or “Communication / CPI-C / RFC” type in previous SAP versions

All SAP with ABAP stack versions are supported, and there is no need to upgrade the patch level, nor to install additional software (nor transport orders, nor scripts).

Do you need to monitor SAP?